77 Michelin Stars and Counting: Reflections From Dining at the World’s Top Restaurants

We have dined at enough Michelin-starred restaurants over the past few years to accumulate a total of 77 Michelin stars. And, we are still eager to try for more. Here’s a quick breakdown of our statistics so far:

  • Three Michelin Stars: 16
  • Two Michelin Stars: 11
  • One Michelin Star: 7
  • World’s 50 Best Restaurants (2017): 17
  • Elite Traveler (2017): 20
  • Countries: 11

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How We Saved $1,439 in 2016 With Citi Prestige’s 4th Night Free Benefit

The “4th Night Free” benefit from the Citi Prestige card is our single most valuable credit card perk. Even if you don’t travel as much as we do, it’s worth considering whether adding the Prestige card to your wallet – even solely for this benefit – may be worth it for you. Continue reading…

Credit Card Optimization: UPDATED For Changes to the AMEX Platinum and Citi Prestige Cards

With the recent changes to the American Express Platinum Card and the changes to the Citi Prestige Card going into effect this July, it’s time to revisit our credit card spending optimization. Continue reading…

Pujol Review: Haute Mexican Cuisine in D.F.

Pujol 2.0

Guest Review by Justin M. Schneider

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