Welcome and Here Goes Nothing

Hey All,

If someone would have told me five years ago that I would ever have enough content, experience, and knowhow to start a travel blog, I would have said they’re off their rocker. However, I have surprised myself with my affection towards traveling and in reflection, have discovered that I have a depth of knowledge to share.

Something we all love is the destination. Cue my husband. Fewer of us love the planning. That’s where I come in. I have tried, restlessly and ineffectively, not to plan for trips and just go with the flow… control freak anyone? But, I digress. The purpose of this blog is to capture the traveling adventures of a thirty-something dink couple and share with you the lessons we’ve learned, hacks we’ll never go without, and places we will return to again and again.

Tune in for updates as our travels continue!

Much Love,


Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs

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