About the DINKS

UPDATE: We recently (late 2017) moved from Dallas, Texas, to The Woodlands, Texas, a northern suburb of Houston!

We love to travel, eat, and experience new places and cultures. Ever since our honeymoon trip to Italy several years ago, we strive to travel as much as possible each year, notwithstanding the fact that we both have full-time, office-based jobs. During the year, we normally complete a handful of domestic trips over long weekends and two to three international trips of 7-10 days each. Since we very rarely travel for work, we conduct our own research, plan our own trips and meals, and everything comes out of our own pockets.

About Male DINK

I am a practicing transactional attorney.  When I was younger, my family moved several times before I went to college, which forced me to adjust to new places and people. The most influential place we lived was Mexico City, where I spent two years of my high school tenure. In addition to travel, I enjoy business and economics, and try to keep up with global news and goings on. I’m an avid car enthusiast, and my favorite driving experience thus far was driving Stelvio Pass and the surrounding areas. When traveling, there’s always more to see and more to do. I’m working on trying to slow down, have a beer, and soak in the beauty of wherever we are.

About Female DINK

I am a portfolio manager at an asset management company. When I was younger, I spent hours studying globes and maps wondering what each country was like. I even took a geography class in college for an elective credit. The world has always fascinated me, and I’ve always yearned to experience new destinations. Surprisingly, I was an extremely picky eater until the end of college, and I would essentially order chicken fingers whenever I ate out. Now, I’m proud to say I am making up for my boring tastes as a child – whether it’s enjoying an innovative tasting menu at a Michelin-star restaurant or experimenting with random street food finds. Traveling has surely broadened my horizons in all aspects of life, and I hope to be fortunate enough to continue touring new and different cultures.

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