Spain/France Trip: Bordeaux Wine Region (Days 5-8)


Spain/France Trip: San Sebastian (Days 1-4)

Season:  Spring (Late March over Easter)

Length of Trip:  16 days (1 overnight flight, 14 hotel nights)

Cities/Areas Visited:  Basque Country, Bordeaux Wine Region, Dordogne Valley, Andorra, and Barcelona


Flying Day: Overnight flight from DFW to BCN (layover in MIA)

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My New iPad Pro That I Almost Didn’t Buy Because of the Keyboard Situation

I recently bit the bullet and purchased an iPad Pro (the big, 12.9-inch one).  This was not an impulse buy; rather, I’d been contemplating it for quite a while.  One major motivation in buying the Pro was in anticipation of writing more regularly, so the keyboard situation was a big consideration.  I didn’t want to pull the trigger on the Pro until Continue reading…